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0003119Slicer4Module Annotationspublic2013-05-15 06:28
ReporterFranklin KingAssigned Tonicole 
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Summary0003119: Renamed ruler annotation nodes lose data when added to a scene and are treated as point fiducials

Ruler annotations that are renamed (either using the Annotations module or the Data module) and then saved are treated as single fiducial points when added back to Slicer.

This does not occur when a scene with the renamed ruler annotations is loaded or with ruler annotations that are not renamed.

The annotation files (.acsv) for the renamed annotations still appear to be describing ruler annotations.

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2013-05-14 12:44


Franklin King

Franklin King

2013-05-14 13:14

reporter   ~0008642

Ruler annotations renamed as something starting with "M_" are saved and loaded correctly.



2013-05-14 13:31

administrator   ~0008643

This is happening because the load data methods are trying to guess which type of annotation file you're trying to load. The internal hint is to rely on the default naming convention where rulers start with 'M'.

To override this assumption, click on the "Show Options" check box in the load data dialog and you can choose the annotation type from the radio buttons that appear.

Franklin King

Franklin King

2013-05-14 15:49

reporter   ~0008647

Thanks. It works when the assumption is overridden.

Would it be possible to make the assumption based on the contents of the file since a fiducial annotation likely won't have ruler attributes?



2013-05-15 06:28

administrator   ~0008648

Not easily as that would require reading all the files at the application level to check for formatting rather than relying on the extensions.

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