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Summary0003155: No easy way to define center of rotation

Some software (e.g. MIM) allow you to define the center of rotation.

Other software choose the center of the volume.

Slicer seems to do rotations about the zero position. One of the former two options would be more user friendly.

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2013-06-11 18:22

developer   ~0008752

This can be achieved by chaining 3 transforms: T_center_of_rotation_translationT_rotationT_center_of_rotation_translation_inverse

However, this is not very user-friendly. There could be a fiducial point selector in the transforms module and if the user chose a fiducial point then that would be used as a center of rotation. The transforms module GUI could compute the resulting transform using 3 transforms as explained above.

2013-11-26 10:38


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