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0003165Slicer4Core: MRMLpublic2016-06-16 19:12
ReporterkotwiczAssigned Tohastings.greer 
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Product VersionSlicer 4.2.0 
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Summary0003165: change the SetPosition method to always call resetclippingrange after the position was changed
  • change the SetPosition method to always call resetclippingrange after the position was changed
    -- calls to SetPosition sometime make the image disappear from the 3d view if resetclippingrange is not called right after
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related to 0004209 closedjcfr center view button does not update clipping distance 




2013-06-25 06:17

developer   ~0008807

what class are you talking when you say "SetPosition method"?



2013-06-25 06:22

reporter   ~0008808

sorry, vtkMRMLCameraNode



2016-06-16 17:27

developer   ~0013974

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The fundamental issue here is that a vtkCamera does not know what vtkRenderer is drawing it, and so it cannot know the bounding box of the props in the scene. Therefore, any classes which can adjust the camera, such as vtkMRMLCameraNode but which do not have access to a renderer cannot predict whether they will cause clipping issues when they move the camera, and cannot preemptively fix those clipping issues.



2016-06-16 17:34

developer   ~0013975

So, either vtkCamera must gain a reference to vtkRenderer (untenable) or everyone who moves a vtkCamera must also have a reference to the associated vtkRenderer and remember to call vtkRenderer::ResetClippingRange (untenable)

Or, we could just set the far clipping distance to be the max(10000, 2*vtkCamera->GetDistance) which is a hack but would make the problems go away as long as our patients are less that 10 meters tall



2016-06-16 19:12

administrator   ~0013982

Nice investigative work.

Other possible alternative:

  1. Update vtkMRMLCameraNode::ResetClippingRange to invoke event like "vtkMRMLCameraNode::ResetClippingRangeFlag"

  2. Update vtkSlicerCamerasModuleLogic::ProcessMRMLSceneEvents so that it observe camera node

  3. The camera logic would retrieve the render associated with the view where the camera is and call the method on the renderer

Assumption: A camera node can be associated with only one view.

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