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0003274Slicer4Module DICOMpublic2017-06-14 12:48
Reporterdr_ritterAssigned Topieper 
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Product VersionSlicer 4.2.2-1 
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Summary0003274: Not able to load in Dicom Files

As i try to import Dicom data, I do as described: 1. Hit "Load dicom Data". I choose the local database and i Use Import to navigate to the folder that contains my dicom files.
The progress bar whooshes past and 0 patients, studies etc. are added.
I can repeat that as often as i want...

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duplicate of 0004055 closedpieper Not able to Load DICOM data sets and atlas files from the hard drive 




2013-08-09 06:43

administrator   ~0009439

Are you able to share the data for debugging?

Try the staps described here:



2015-09-27 22:30

reporter   ~0013313

I am having the same problem with the Mac Nightly, I can import the DICOM datasets from a DVD drive, but not from the hard drive. I am also having the same problem from both the windows (10) stable and nightly. I am able to upload DICOM sets from the hard drive from the Mac Stable.



2015-10-02 14:12

administrator   ~0013332

Hi Sjandhy and dr_ritter -

Did you try the troubleshooting steps linked in the note above?




2015-11-12 14:42

administrator   ~0013602

Hi Sjandhy and dr_ritter,

Would be great if you could either share some data (anonymized) or provide more details about the problem.

Without some context, it will be difficult to fix it.



2017-06-14 12:48

developer   ~0014832

It is not possible to debug DICOM loading problems without having access to a sample data set or receiving additional information from the reporter.

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