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Summary0003307: Allow more levels of nested parametes in module description xml file

Using the module xml file to document parameters for Loadable modules, I often run up against the nesting limit for parameters in the documentation xml file. It would be great if it could be expanded from 3 to 5 or more.

Steps To Reproduce

(as of Aug 21/13)
Linked from:
Markups documentation page:

See that there are no bullet points for the Display properties or Naming under the Advanced section.

Additional Information

Ideally, the wiki documentation pages would parse Loadable module .ui files for labels and tool tips so that two versions of the GUI description didn't have to be kept in sync.

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2013-08-29 13:49

administrator   ~0009711

Checked in a less nested Markups.xml:



2014-05-12 11:53

administrator   ~0011729

Un-targeted the issue, the current workaround is to use less nested level.

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