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0003346Slicer4Core: GUIpublic2018-03-16 09:27
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Summary0003346: Slice offset slider widget offset (ctkSliderWidget)

Volume with origin (0, 0, 0) and spacing (1, 1, 66.7) with 20 slices.

Slider on the axial viewer is wider than can be reached by using the arrow keys or the mouse wheel, i.e. the slider shows that it covers more slices than span of the data.

If you use the mouse to move the slider, you can reach this area of the slider that is not accessible by the arrow keys or mouse wheel. But when you do this, the range of the slider changes such that the slide not longer shows real slice locations but instead shows interpolated images.

Additional Information

This can be reproduced (somewhat) by creating a ctkSliderWidget and setting maximum to 1267.3. If you then move the slider, the maximum shown is 1267. If you hit the up button, it will go to 1267.3.

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2013-08-29 11:29

developer   ~0009704

Last edited: 2013-08-29 11:29

We should consider giving the user an indication that they are viewing interpolated slices instead of real slices. Steve recommended changing the shape of the slider control knob (to a diamond) when interpolated slices are being displayed. Also, we could change the color of the slider control knob.



2013-08-29 11:35

developer   ~0009705

Steve and I think it is caused by line 260 in ctkSliderWidget.cxx

// SpinBox can truncate the range (depending on decimals).
// use Spinbox's range to set Slider's range
d->Slider->setRange(d->SpinBox->minimum(), d->SpinBox->maximum());

The SpinBox is being set with the correct maximum value but it truncates/rounds the value and then uses this truncated/rounded value in the slider.

The MoveSlice()/IncrementSlice()/DecrementSlice() methods from the interactor clamp to the true range of the data, not to the range of the spinbox.



2013-08-29 11:40

developer   ~0009706

Reminder sent to: pieper

Bug writeup of what we discussed with the slice offset slider.

Add to it anything I left off.




2014-03-07 11:55

administrator   ~0011389

Proposed solution: Snap the slider value back to the closet integer range.



2015-11-02 09:30

administrator   ~0013489




2018-03-16 09:27

developer   ~0015572

This causes unexpected behavior in Segment Editor: when at slice boundary, drawing tools may appear not to work -

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