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0003383Slicer4Core: GUIpublic2014-01-06 04:52
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Summary0003383: Local image fusion in the slice viewer for volume comparison

Several radiotherapy software users requested a volume comparison tool, which simply works by displaying a smaller window of a foreground image superimposed on background image around the mouse pointer.

It would basically mean applying a different foreground volume opacity near the mouse pointer. It could be activated/deactivated the same way as the crosshair feature. Size of the window and the fusion parameter (opaque or some transparency) should be preferably adjustable.

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2013-09-09 10:32

developer   ~0009909

A similar tool that could be very useful is split-view, where the slice view is split either by half, or into 4 quarters, with the background/foreground content interleaving.



2014-01-06 04:52

administrator   ~0010480

A first cut is available here:

I can demo and we can discuss at the 2014 winter project week.

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