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0003390Slicer4Module Markupspublic2018-03-02 11:02
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Target VersionFixed in VersionSlicer 4.7.0 
Summary0003390: Fiducials names are rendered very poorly

This appears to be the case for tilted volumes, example dataset used is here:

As shown in the attached screenshot, the font rendering is so bad that it is not possible to recognize the name of the fiducial. If I scale the font size, it is fine.

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related to 0004388 assignednicole Improve markups fiducial label apperance in slice views 


2013-09-11 12:06




2017-06-09 16:46

developer   ~0014690

I cannot reproduce this problem with Slicer 4.7.0-2017-05-27



2017-06-22 12:21

developer   ~0014912

Warping of fiducials was fixed in r26107.

The text quality is still not optimal, as the text is rendered using polygonal data. Implementing anti-aliased text labels is tracked in 0004388.

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