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0003426Slicer4Core: GUIpublic2013-12-23 07:35
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Summary0003426: Display UI of multiple modules

Slicer currently displays the UI elements of one module at a time.

For some use cases, it would be helpful to see multiple modules at the same time. For example, when going back and forth between "View Controllers" and "Volumes" modules to choose displayed images and setting display properties.

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2013-09-27 07:34

administrator   ~0010098

Since r22117, it is possible to instantiate a module widget more than once.
So it is possible for a new module widget to contain multiple module widgets.

Note to developer: The "multiple-modules-at-once" concept can be generalized by deriving from qSlicerAbstractModulePanel. (maybe the panel could show the x most recent modules)



2013-12-23 07:02

administrator   ~0010466

@finetjul is this exposed at the GUI level?



2013-12-23 07:25

administrator   ~0010468

@pieper, the architecture is in place and available, there needs to be some GUI work to expose the feature though.



2013-12-23 07:35

administrator   ~0010469

@finetjul - thanks!

@Greg: by the way, did you notice that you can cycle through modules with hotkeys? (Control-Left or Control-Right)

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