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Summary0003510: Set Markups as input for rulers

I was wondering if it would be possible to add in the future markup ruler (or I don't how it would be called) to set as parameter 2 markups (fiducial), like:

SetNthRulerFiducials(fiducial1, fiducial2)

and when fiducial1 or fiducial2 is updated, it updates the ruler.
Thank you.

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2013-11-29 06:32

administrator   ~0010393

The plan is to move the rulers into the Markups module, but I don't plan on linking them to fiducials, as they'll be subclasses of fiducials with access to the NthMarkupChanged events as well as additional Nth point changed events.
I can reimplement the Slicer 3 "turn the last two fiducials in the current list into a ruler" functionality but it will delete the fiducials that were turned into ruler end points. Would that be enough for you? I can do that now by making the last two Markups fiducials into an Annotation ruler.

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