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0003516Slicer4Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)public2017-07-25 11:10
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Summary0003516: Label map tractography does not produce the same result as that of Slicer3?

Hi, I'm trying to reproduce some of my result in Slicer3 scenes, and found that the LabelMapSeeding tractography module does not behave the same way in Slicer4 compare to Slicer3. Namely, Slicer4 tractography module produces results that are vast inferior to Slicer 3.6.3 given the same settings.

I uploaded screenshots, linked is the sample data.

If perform the tractography with these settings, you'll see that the resulting fornix structure is incomplete in Slicer4:

Seed label: 3

Seed spacing: 0.5
Linear Measure start threshold 0.2
Min length: 10
Max length: 800
Stopping: FA
Stopping value: 0.15
Stopping track curvature: 0.8
Integration step: 0.5

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2013-11-28 08:21


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