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0003551Slicer4Core: Base Codepublic2014-01-16 08:04
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Product VersionSlicer 4.3.1-2 
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Summary0003551: Reconsider purpose and operation of Selection node

Currently the selection node (vtkMRMLSelectionNode) only changes state on data load (at least this is the case for volumes). This is confusing, partly because of the naming, partly because of the PropagateVolumeSelection method. When we use the method, we would expect that the 'selection' is propagated, not the lastly loaded nodes shown.
An example:

  • Load volumes, and a labelmap (an atlas)
  • View all the loaded data in different ways
  • Hide labelmap
  • Programmatically showing a volume like this: set active selection in the selection node, then propagate volume selection
  • What happens is that the atlas gets shown on top of the intended volume, so the opposite happens to what I would expect (i.e. the atlas can only be seen, and the volume is not)

It would be great to think about this.
One possibility (that I talked about with Jc), is to actually set the selection of the volumes when the user changes slice view layers.

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2014-01-09 06:55

administrator   ~0010498

Added this a item for next week Dev hangout. See



2014-01-09 07:05

developer   ~0010499

Great, thanks!



2014-01-14 10:56

administrator   ~0010520

To address Csaba use case, one approach could be to have the selection node updated if the view are linked.

Note: Deprecate function Get/Set(Active|Secondary)VolumeId and add function Get/Set(Foreground|Background)VolumeId



2014-01-16 08:04

developer   ~0010523

For the record:

  • Slice views are linked by default
    • TODO: ask Jim what problems arose with the linking and why they are unlinked by default
    • is it sensible to disable linking for orientation change? The user probably doesn't want four sagittal slices displaying the same thing. Is there a use case linking oriantation change supports?

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