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0003582Slicer4Module Markupspublic2014-03-03 15:26
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Summary0003582: After entering Landmark Registration module, fiducials are not created as expected

While in Markups module, fiducials are not added to the active list. Attempt to remove lists where landmarks are being added trigger creation of new lists, and fiducials being moved across the lists.

To reproduce:

1) load some data
2) enter Landmark Registration module
3) exit Landmark Registration module and try to place a fiducial, then try to delete some of the fiducials lists created by Landmark Registration

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2014-03-03 10:12

administrator   ~0010658

Looks like step 3 is showing that the fiducial is being added to a new list (F) as well as all three lists that the Landmark Registration module made (fixed, moving, moving-transformed). Seems like the Landmark Registration module needs to remove observers on the scene when the module is exited so that it stops managing the fiducial lists. Reassigning to Steve as the module author.



2014-03-03 15:26

administrator   ~0010673

Yes, I'll sort this out in the Landmark Registration code.

Probably it's best if I stop trying to synchronize the lists unless you are actually in the module (i.e. control it via that enter and exit methods).

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