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0003589Slicer4Core: GUIpublic2014-04-02 05:49
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Summary0003589: qMRMLNodeCheckableBox::setUserCheckable has no effect

At least from Python, calling qMRMLNodeCheckableBox::setUserCheckable(node, False) does not disable/hide checkbox for the given node.



does not do anything in regTargetSelector.
(called back by currentNodeChanged(vtkMRMLNode*) from a qMRMLNodeComboBox)

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2014-02-14 10:27

administrator   ~0010594

This is because the property UserCheckable is not used to control whether there is a checkbox or not. It only controls whether the user can check and uncheck or can it be done only programatically.

Use setCheckState instead.



2014-02-14 10:30

developer   ~0010595

"It only controls whether the user can check and uncheck or can it be done only programatically."

That would be fine, but it doesn't seem to work the way that this implies. The checkbox is still operative. or does this only effect checkedNodes() result? I want to disable or remove a node from the list.



2014-02-14 11:12

administrator   ~0010596

If you disable the UserCheckable property and it is still user (un)checkable, then it is a bug.
If you want to uncheck a checkbox, you need to set its CheckState property.



2014-04-02 05:49

administrator   ~0011515

Should we close this?

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