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0003594Slicer4Core: Base Codepublic2015-08-03 22:57
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Summary0003594: WindowCenter and WindowWidth values are not initialized correctly when reading volumes

The default window width/level should be initialized with the values read from the input file. It worked well in Slicer3.

It is definitely does not work for DICOM files now, but maybe it is broken for other input file types, too.

How to reproduce: Load a volume then go to the Volumes module and check the Window Width and Level values => ERROR: some automatically determined values are used instead of the values stored in the file

For example:
Input volume:
Window width/level values in the DICOM file:
(0028,1050) DS [40] # 2, 1 WindowCenter
(0028,1051) DS [400] # 4, 1 WindowWidth
Window width/level value after loading in Slicer 4.3.1:
W: 1552, L: -207
Window width/level value after loading in Slicer 3.6.3:
W: 400, L: 40

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duplicate of 0003467 closedpinter Read and apply window/level settings defined in DICOM images 




2014-02-24 09:10

administrator   ~0010622

Yes, we should really wrap that one up - basically we just need to look for the WindowCenter/WindowWidth tags in the dicom header and put them in the display node. It should go in the slicer4 DICOMScalarVolumePlugin (and maybe other plugins?).

Here's the slicer3 code for that around line 676:

I'll add this note to the issues.




2015-08-03 22:57

administrator   ~0013218

This has been fixed for DICOM in r24407

If there are issue with other file format, this issue should be re-open providing test data.

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