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0003599Slicer4Module OpenIGTLinkIFpublic2014-02-25 12:37
ReportertokudaAssigned Totokuda 
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Product VersionSlicer 4.3.1-2 
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Summary0003599: Deadlocks Slicer when no server available

Isaiah Norton wrote:

Starting a client connection with no server actually available seems to be problematic, at least on linux (Windows is ok, I think). When I do this, it consistently deadlocks Slicer (with flood of "Failed to connect" debug messages on the console). In one case this managed to completely freeze the ubuntu gui (mouse moved, but button pushes had no effect for >1 min.) -- had to ssh in and kill the slicer process to regain control.

It seems OpenIGTLink library needs to be updated.

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