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0000036Slicer3Command Line Modules (Applications/CLI)public2017-06-10 08:51
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Summary0000036: command line modules don't run from within debugger

c:/pieper/bwh/slicer3/debug/Slicer3-build/bin/Debug/../../lib/Slicer3/Plugins/Debug/GrayscaleModelMaker.exe --threshold 100 --name Model --smooth 15 --decimate 0.25 --splitnormals --pointnormals C:/Documents and Settings/pieper/Slicer3/vtkMRMLScalarVolumeNodeB_DAFG.nrrd C:/Documents and Settings/pieper/Slicer3/vtkMRMLModelNodeE_DAFG.vtp
ERROR: In ......\Slicer3\Modules\CommandLineModule\vtkCommandLineModuleLogic.cxx, line 972
vtkCommandLineModuleLogic (11DD9038): Grayscale Model Maker terminated with an unknown exception.

Steps To Reproduce

If I run the command line module from within a slicer3 session launched in Visual Studio the command line exits right away with no messsage.

But if I run the same thing from a slicer3 launched from a cygwin window the command line module runs normally.

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2007-11-20 12:17

administrator   ~0000170

See the Slicer3:Execution_Model_Documentation:Debugging topic on the wiki.

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ENH: bump DMRI external module to 0402024

git shortlog b5c262fc..b9404cdb7c
Alex Yarmarkovich (4):
ENH: Added test datasets for DiffusionTensorScalarMeasurements module.
ENH: Added tests for DiffusionTensorScalarMeasurements CLI
ENH: Added tests for DWIToDTIEstimation CLI
BUG: 4238.Right click -> Edit Properties on Fiber Bundle nodes and Fiber Bundle Display nodes in the Data module should go to the Tractography Display module.

Isaiah (2):
Merge pull request 0000037 from SlicerDMRI/fbm_stats_option
Merge pull request 0000043 from SlicerDMRI/fbm_clamped_msrs

Isaiah Norton (22):
ENH: FBTractMeasurement: by default, print only specified hierarchy.
FBTractMsr: Introduce measurement range clamping, and count excluded points
FBTractMsr: correctly fix 0000036: by default print top and cluster groups, but not fiberbundles
FBTractMsr: refactor redundant code
FBTractMsr: update to pass tests
FBTractMsr: fix non-C++11 compile, and more refactoring.
FBMsr: Print NAN when no measurement value exists.
Remove obsolute DT scalar measures, update docs.
Update DTMsr contributor list to match wiki
Update DTMsr contributor institutions.
More DTScalarMsr interface updates
Update DWIToDTIEstim module description.
More updates to DTEstim & ScalarMeasurements desc.
Update DWMasking module description.
Update more module description files
Remove newlines from FBLabelSelect xml
FBLabelSelect description updates
FBLabelSelect description more updates
FBTractMeasurements description update
TractLMSeeding module description
COMP: fix and simplify DTScalarMeasure tests
COMP: fix FBTractMsr tests

Lauren O'Donnell (1):

zhangfanmark (1):
EHN: Measure name consistency

From: Isaiah Norton <>

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