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0003645Slicer4Module LandmarkRegistrationpublic2018-10-16 23:40
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Target VersionFixed in VersionSlicer 4.9.0 
Summary0003645: Making "Landmarks" section a list with scrollbar

Sometimes I want to have dozens or hundreds of landmarks. This is difficult when the user interface has one button per landmark. A list with scrollbar would be good. Even better maybe reuse the list layout of markup module, so they are easily edited & deleted, etc.

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2014-09-06 08:03

administrator   ~0012472

Agreed - this is a great idea. I also want to include some per-landmark operations such as deleting and auto-matching.



2018-10-16 23:40

administrator   ~0016164

Recent version of Slicer (e.g r27498) now includes a scrollable list of Markups along with button at the top.

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