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0003709Slicer4Module DICOMpublic2014-05-23 11:55
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Summary0003709: DICOM patient browser column headers are not for human reading

Current DICOM browser column headers: PatientsName, PatientID, PatientsBirthDate, PatientsBirthTime, PatientsSex, PatientsAge; StudyID, StudyDate, StudyTime, etc.

  • The trivial prefixes (Patient from the columns in the patient list, Study from the columns in the study list, ...) should be removed (PatientsName => Name; PatientID => ID; SeriesDate => Date)
  • Spaces should be added (AccessionNumber => Accession number; ReferringPhysician => Referring physician; ...)
  • Hide the PatientsBirthTime column (it is almost never filled)
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2014-05-23 11:55

administrator   ~0011950

Nice ideas.

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