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0003761Slicer4Module Markupspublic2017-06-10 08:51
ReporterjcfrAssigned Tonicole 
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Target VersionSlicer 4.4.0Fixed in VersionSlicer 4.4.0 
Summary0003761: Markups: test_MarkupsInCompareViewersSelfTest1 is failing

With either VTKv5 or VTKv5, the test is failing.

As illustrated in [1], it seems that commit r23325 [2] caused the test to fail.


// -------------------------
"Volume" Reader has successfully read the file "/tmp/RemoteIO/MR-head.nrrd" 
Load finished

Placed 3 fiducials
ERROR: In /home/kitware/Dashboards/Continuous/Slicer4-0-build-64bits-QT4.8.5-PythonQt-With-Tcl-CLI-Release-continuous/VTKv6/Rendering/Core/vtkRenderer.cxx, line 1296
vtkOpenGLRenderer (0x5c1ce90): WorldToView: no active camera, cannot compute world to view, returning 0,0,0

ERROR: In /home/kitware/Dashboards/Continuous/Slicer4-0-build-64bits-QT4.8.5-PythonQt-With-Tcl-CLI-Release-continuous/VTKv6/Rendering/Core/vtkRenderer.cxx, line 1296
vtkOpenGLRenderer (0x5c1ce90): WorldToView: no active camera, cannot compute world to view, returning 0,0,0
// -------------------------
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related to 0001690 assignednicole fiducial shows in wrong lightbox cell 
has duplicate 0003762 closednicole Markups: test_MarkupsInCompareViewersSelfTest1 is failing 




2014-07-09 12:56

administrator   ~0012159

Last edited: 2014-07-09 12:57

Test is also failing with VTKv6.

This crash returns when events are out of synch in changing layouts. Steve proposed a patch once before in [1] but it didn't get into VTK via gerrit. I'd like to propose patching our VTK[2] to avoid the crash and to give an error message instead, and if it works well with our nightly tests to submit it to gerrit. The vtkOpenGLRenderer is giving an error message instead of crashing so this patch matches that handling of the non active camera case.




2014-07-11 04:50

administrator   ~0012161

@Nicole: Sounds like a plan. Out of curiosity, I couldn't find the patch Steve submitted on Gerrit [1], do you have the link ? In parallel, I think it would make sense to re-submit to Gerrit.




2014-07-11 06:41

administrator   ~0012168

It didn't get submitted to gerrit, just posted as a diff on the bug report.
I'll do a pull request on our VTK branch and then look at the gerrit submission process (unless Steve wants to do it - we ended up writing pretty much the same code!).



2014-07-12 16:33

administrator   ~0012171

Thanks for moving forward with this.

Pull request on Slicer/VTK would be great. (make sure to base the pull request on top of "slicer-4.3-v6.1.0" [1]


The best way to get it integrated into VTK6 is to submit a patch on Gerrit. Let me know if you have any issue with this. See



2014-07-14 07:12

administrator   ~0012177

Slicer/VTK pull request:



2014-07-18 00:06

administrator   ~0012191

Partially fixed in r23462. The doesn't crash anymore but still report VTK errors. See below.

BUG: Update VTKv6 external project - Fix test MarkupsInCompareViewersSelfTest

$ git shortlog 4d7abb2..169b37b
Nicole Aucoin (1):
BUG: fix null pointer crash in view to world with no active camera

This commit prevent the test from failing but it doesn't avoid the
following error from being displayed:

338: ERROR: In /home/jchris/Projects/Slicer-2-SuperBuild-Debug/VTKv6/Rendering/Core/vtkRenderer.cxx, line 1252
338: vtkOpenGLRenderer (0x741a1d0): ViewToWorld: no active camera, cannot compute view to world, returning 0,0,0
338: MH Head in background, scrolled to a fiducial
338: Switched back to conventional layout
338: Switched to Compare grid
338: ERROR: In /home/jchris/Projects/Slicer-2-SuperBuild-Debug/VTKv6/Common/ExecutionModel/vtkAlgorithm.cxx, line 1421
338: vtkOpenGLImageMapper (0x7548770): Attempt to get connection index 0 for input port 0, which has 0 connections.

See 0003761



2014-07-29 14:40

administrator   ~0012281

svn 23493 [1] checks for active cameras before repositioning or enabling the fiducial widget or handles. The test is no longer printing error messages and the updates get called again to update once the renderer has been set up properly.


Related Changesets

Import 2017-06-07 23:51:09: master c7b22bdd

2014-07-29 18:27:54


Details Diff
BUG: test for active camera before enabling fiducials

Removes the error message that world to view and view to world
can't compute result due to a missing active camera. Delaying
setting the handles and widgets to be enabled if there's
no active camera defined on their renderers seems to work well
since the next time through the update code once the layout
has stabilised and the renderers are updated, the seeds
will get positioned and enabled.

Issue 0003761

git-svn-id: 3bd1e089-480b-0410-8dfb-8563597acbee
mod - Modules/Loadable/Markups/MRMLDM/vtkMRMLMarkupsDisplayableManager2D.cxx Diff File
mod - Modules/Loadable/Markups/MRMLDM/vtkMRMLMarkupsFiducialDisplayableManager2D.cxx Diff File

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