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0003896Slicer4Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)public2017-06-09 21:20
Reportervincent_agnusAssigned Tojcfr 
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Product VersionSlicer 4.3.1-2 
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Summary0003896: OpenIGTLinkIF module : binding missing

c++ method
vtkMRMLIGTLConnectorNode::RegisterIncomingMRMLNode(vtkMRMLNode* node)

is not wrapped in Python (although RegisterOutgoingMRMLNode is).

It is really annoying because I would like to use Python to set OpenIGTLink connections

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2014-11-18 08:19

administrator   ~0012704

Hi Vincent,

The method is not wrapped because it returns an object of type "NodeInfoType*"


Few option to move forward:

  • refactor OpenIGTLinkIF to use type known by VTK wrapper
  • improve VTK wrapped to that it could understand hint / be extented to understand other type ..


2017-06-09 21:20

developer   ~0014703

Users don't need to call vtkMRMLIGTLConnectorNode::RegisterIncomingMRMLNode, it is for internal use only, by OpenIGTLinkIF module.

If a module wants to create a node that will be updated through OpenIGTLink, then create a node with the expected node name and type. When OpenIGTLinkIF module receives data that matches node name and type, it will automatically reuse the existing node.

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