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0003953Slicer4Core: GUIpublic2015-02-09 07:38
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Product VersionSlicer 4.4.0 
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Summary0003953: Embedded Video Feature in Help & Acknowledgement

There are many excellent workflow demonstration videos for 3D Slicer modules on youtube.
I propose to add a "Video" feature to the Help & Acknowledgement section where a developer can easily embed such video so that the user can understand the usage of the module even easier.

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2015-02-05 12:41


3DSlicer-video.png (204,374 bytes)
3DSlicer-video.png (204,374 bytes)


2015-02-09 07:38

administrator   ~0012901

Hi Peter,

That for your report.

That would be a great addition.

I guess the idea would be extend the metadata currently associated with modules. In addition to contributors, categories, help Text, acknowledgement Text, ... (See [1]). We could may be extent these.

Checking how existing project associate metatdata like video, screenshot, ... would be helpful. Is there any convention to to do ? Something we could inspire from ?

May be adding a "resourceLinks" metadata that would be a map of mime/type and link would be general enough ? That way we could either add more info to the HelpText ... or add a new tab named "Resources".

Let me know what you think and if it is something you would like to work on.



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