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0003955Slicer4Core: Performancepublic2015-02-17 10:57
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Product VersionSlicer 4.4.0 
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Summary0003955: Store color nodes in a private MRML scene

One of the main performance issues in Slicer is that in case of high number of nodes and visited modules, all the scene models that have been instantiated iterate over all the MRML nodes in the scene.

The problem is that right after startup there are 109 nodes, 66 of which are color nodes. This issue could be solved relatively easily by handling the color nodes in the same way the volume rendering presets are handled: in a private MRML scene, from which the nodes are transferred in the Slicer MRML scene only on demand.

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2015-02-09 12:47

administrator   ~0012902

Reminder sent to: nicole

Hi Nicole,

Assuming we apply this approach, do you anticipate any issue with existing scene (SPL Atlas, ...) ?

The idea would be teach the xml parser to ignore nodes that match the properties of the built-in one ..



2015-02-09 13:35

administrator   ~0012903

I think the issue to be careful of will be with user loaded color nodes. They need to be saved with the scene and restored properly.



2015-02-16 12:04

developer   ~0012915

Actually, there are 80 color nodes and 25 other nodes. So, storing the unused color nodes in the scene increases the number of nodes by more than a factor of 3!



2015-02-17 10:57

administrator   ~0012917

Last edited: 2015-02-17 11:20

Note from Slicer Dev Hangout Feb 18: consider making a new subclass color node mrml combo box that has a second private scene and can copy nodes over the main scene?

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