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0003982Slicer4Core: Diffusion and Tractography (Any modules)public2015-11-02 10:27
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Product VersionSlicer 4.4.0 
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Summary0003982: latest UKF code does not work as extension

The UKF code successfully built and installed as a Slicer module in summer 2014.

This frozen code stopped working due to a change in the required path for a library:
dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/lib/Slicer-4.4/libvtkGUISupportQtOpenGL-6.2.1.dylib
SOLUTION: Something is wrong with the @rpath. The lib is here now:
alegria:Contents lauren$ pwd
alegria:Contents lauren$ ls ./lib/Slicer-4.4/libvtkOpenGL-6.2.1.dylib

On bug fix is to use this frozen UKF version and fix the @rpath.

We tested a second option: Peter updated the tag to point to the latest UKF code, to test that in the nightly. UKF successfully built (

However, changes to the codebase (UKF and/or Slicer) now prevent it from installing completely as follows:

There is first an error (warning) about Eigen not found (also present in the previous version). Then, the "Restart" button remains grayed-out. On a manual restart of Slicer, the extension manager says UKF has installed, but the module does not appear.

Additional Information

Details from Peter about the partially-installed extension:

One thing I noticed is that in Contents/Extensions-24160/UKFTractography/ there is only one subfolder, called 'share', which contains a single file, the .s4ext file which is just a description of the extension.

In contrast, in an earlier version of Slicer4.3 where I successfully had installed the previous version of the extension, I have both the 'share' folder, as well as a 'lib' folder where the actual code for the extension resides. So it seems that in the present case, nothing was really installed, except the description file.

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2015-11-02 09:49

developer   ~0013490

This is fixed now. See UKF github for commit:

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