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0003987Slicer4Core: GUIpublic2016-01-31 12:04
ReporterfbudinAssigned Toalexy 
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Summary0003987: Tensor glyphs display - no reset of the checkboxes when switching volumes in Volume module

When switching volume in the Volume module, most information display is reset and adapted to the newly selected module. However, the checkboxes to select if the tensor glyphs are displayed in the 2D windows are not reset. If the user checks these boxes, and changes volume, these boxes are still checked. To be able to display the glyphs on the newly selected volume, the user must first uncheck these boxes, and then recheck them.

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2015-10-23 12:43

administrator   ~0013407

This should be an easy change (probably Alex knows exactly where the fix needs to happen, in case he has any time allocated for this).



2016-01-31 12:04

developer   ~0013805

Added update of glyph on slices visibility checkboxes when a new volume is selected.
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