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0003998Slicer4Core: Usabilitypublic2015-05-26 15:15
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Summary0003998: Revise in-slice annotations

There are 2 issues that need to be addressed:

1) there is no information for the user what is shown in the annotations for different annotation levels and different places. This should probably be shown in a tooltip (if the amount of text is not huge), or in the help panel, with the tooltip referring to the help panel for the explanation

2) PHI information is shown by default in slice; it is responsibility of the user to disable this for presentations and such, but they often forget. Should we show only bottom left annotation by default to be safer? Should we discuss this on the user list to see what users think?

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2015-05-22 11:07

developer   ~0013098

Steve, this is for Alireza, but your feedback is most welcome



2015-05-26 15:15

administrator   ~0013104

Hiding PHI by default could be nice.

As an aside, in slicer2 when we enabled corner annotations some users were surprised that their data wasn't anonymized and others complained that they had been relying on the lack of corner annotations to blind readers in studies.

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