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0000004Slicer3GUIpublic2007-03-30 13:01
ReporterhayesAssigned Towjp 
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Summary0000004: Can't use third slice window at lower resolutions

On my laptop, I have the resolution set to 1024x768. When you start Slicer3, the rightmost slice window is truncated, and there is no way to access it (no scroll bar, resizing, etc.). Resizing the display to 1280x1024 solves the Slicer3 problem, but doesn't solve the problem that I can't read the text at this resolution. Maybe I should file a bug report with my optometrist? See attached screenshot.

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Platforms: At least win32

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2007-01-19 06:32


Windowtruncated.jpg (Attachment missing)


2007-03-29 14:46

administrator   ~0000089

I've changed packing (gridding) of the sliceGUIs in the Conventional Layout so that they should all change size equally when the window is resized. This works on win32 but I've not tested it yet on other platforms.

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