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0004005Slicer4Module MultiVolume Exporter/Importerpublic2015-11-30 17:49
Reporterlbarazzetti Assigned Tofedorov  
Status resolvedResolutionnot fixable 
Product VersionSlicer 4.4.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004005: Slice position is wrong in case of missing slices in Dicom Series

To reproduce:

  • create a new folder
  • copy three non-consecutive dicom slices (in my case: slice 1, 12, 139)
  • import with the dicom importer / with data loader deselecting "single file"

The volume loaded in Slicer is formed by equidistant slices - even if the dicom files are not equidistant (see screenshot attached). Also the bounding box is wrong (it seems to be just computed from the spacing between the first two slices and the number of slices). No warning or error is issued, in the log there is only a INFO message:

E:/Work/slicer_dicomstack/substack/CTCHEST0001.dcm.dcmE:/Work/slicer_dicomstack/substack/CTCHEST0012.dcm.dcmE:/Work/slicer_dicomstack/substack/CTCHEST0139.dcm.dcmGeometric issues were found with 1 of the series. Please use caution.
DICOMMultiVolumePlugin found 0 multivolumes!
DICOMMultiVolumePlugin found 0 multivolumes!

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2015-06-17 06:17


equidistantslices.PNG (112,655 bytes)
equidistantslices.PNG (112,655 bytes)


2015-06-17 11:35

developer   ~0013132

As far as I understand, this is expected behavior for non-equidistant slices. They cannot form a valid image volume, which must be equidistant, at least in the ITK/Slicer world.

If you want to load non-equidistant slices, you should load them one at a time using "Add data" dialog and checking "Single file" checkbox. Each slice will be treated as a separate volume.

As aside, this issue is completely unrelated to MultiVolumeImporter. The messages you included in your report are just informational. This type of data is not handled by this module.



2015-06-18 00:12

reporter   ~0013135

I see, thanks. With further trying I discovered that by clicking "advanced" and "examine" in the dicom browser a warning is actually issued (it's just a bit hidden).

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