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0004012Slicer4Core: Usabilitypublic2018-05-30 00:34
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Product VersionSlicer 4.4.0 
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Summary0004012: Lack of measurement tools

Hi there,

There is a lack of measurement tools in 4.4.0. From what I can see online, the Measurements module from previous versions hasn't made it into the latest one. I can't find a way to draw a line and measure its length, or to calculate a surface area with any of the installed or downloadable modules I've had a look at. This seems to be a major oversight! Can the Measurements module be incorporated into 4.4.0 please? Thanks

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2015-06-29 07:53

administrator   ~0013158

Agreed, but we don't have a lot of development resources on that topic at the moment.



2017-06-13 00:34

developer   ~0014798

This is not a major bug but a feature request.

Ruler tool can be used for measure distance.
Workaround for surface area measurement: segment a slice and compute surface area using Segment Statistics - cross-section area half of the reported 3D surface (as both sides of the flat segment are taken into account when 3D surface is computed).



2018-05-30 00:34

developer   ~0015805

Retarget stale issues to backlog.

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