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0004069Slicer4Core: Usabilitypublic2015-10-29 08:46
ReporterjcfrAssigned Tonicole 
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Product VersionSlicer 4.4.0 
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Summary0004069: Usability of "Annotation Screenshot"
  • Since both the title of the screenshot dialog and tooltips use the word "Screeshot, in the annotation module, should List of snapshots be changed to List of screenshots ?

  • in the screenshot dialog. I suggest to add a text like:
What is an Annotation Screenshot?  Each time the user create an annotation screenshot, a traditional screenshot image of the viewers is created. Then, along side with a name and it a description, it is stored in the  with the current scene. 

The Annotations module allows to manage the list of screenshots.
  • Finally, would it make sense to ask the user where to save the file ? The selected location would then be associated with the snapshot storage node.
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2015-10-29 04:19

administrator   ~0013466

Agreed. We decided at one point to use "screenshot" to refer to images and "sceneviews" to be bookmarks in the mrml scene since "snapshot" was ambiguous.

Providing another way to save images of the screen to files would be nice, since the current Annotation related screenshot feature has been reported to be nonintuitive.



2015-10-29 08:46

administrator   ~0013468

Yes, there was a node name change a while back and I tried to change all of the snapshot wording to screenshot - I'll do another pass.

The way the screenshots are set up to be saved came out of Ron's push to have all the saving of data get consolidated to the save data dialog, the individual modules were providing too many places where you had to save different types of data individually. The set directory for all screenshots functionality is in the save data dialog already.

I like the idea of moving the screenshots out of Annotations, but they also need to be seriously updated to the new customisable layout that Slicer now provides (you can't for example take a screenshot of a second 3D window, of charts, or of more than the RGB slices).

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