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0004086Slicer4Module Transformspublic2018-03-02 11:02
ReporterpinterAssigned Tolassoan 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionSlicer 4.5.0-1 
Target VersionFixed in VersionSlicer 4.7.0 
Summary0004086: Rotation slider stays the same when changing current transform
  1. Create new linear transform
  2. Rotate it using the slider (X degrees)
  3. Create another linear transform
    Rotation slider shows X, while the selected transform is identity. This may mislead users, making them think the transform is rotated. I only knew that it was not when I checked the matrix (which many users cannot interpret).
    Suggestion: even if rotation is local, reset it to zeroes when current transform node is changed
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2017-06-23 01:14

developer   ~0014915

Fixed in r26132.

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