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0000041Slicer3MRMLpublic2007-03-27 09:42
ReporterhayesAssigned Toalexy 
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Summary0000041: Different default views of MRML scene in Slicer2 and Slicer3

When this scene /d/bigsur/slicerdata/gynnulli/gynnulli.xml is loaded into Slicer2, the default view after loading shows nothing in the 3D viewer, the J volume in the background, and nothing in the foreground. Loading the same scene is Slicer3 has all vtk models visible in the 3D viewer, nothing in the background, and seg_slicer in the foreground.

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related to 0000027 closedalexy Loading /d/bigsur/slicerdata/gynnulli/gynnulli.xml crashes Slicer3 
related to 0000023 closedalexy Loading /d/bigsur/slicerdata/BronchialTree/BronchialTree.xml crashes slicer 




2007-02-12 13:58

administrator   ~0000043

This is exhibited in /d/bigsur/slicerdata/avm/avm_reg1.xml as well. See attached screenshots of avm_slicer2 and avm_slicer3 for default views from Slicer2 and Slicer3.

2007-02-12 14:01


avm_slicer2.png (Attachment missing)

2007-02-12 14:02


avm_slicer3.png (Attachment missing)


2007-02-12 14:22

administrator   ~0000045

/d/bigsur/slicerdata/BronchialTree/BronchialTree.xml is also messed up.



2007-03-27 09:42

administrator   ~0000067

The option nodes from slicer2 xml have not been ported over to the importer yet.

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