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Summary0004102: an error about the module “label statistics”

There was an error when the module “label statistics” quantify the pixels of the three-dimensional images. It only counts the pixels of each 2d image, but not counting the pixels of the images in image spacing. For example, two layers of images are selected for 3D reconstruction , no matter the image spacing is 5 or 50?the statistical results do not change. The result is the sum of two layer images pixels, not containing the pixels of the images in image spacing.

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The below file provide a set of steps and some sample data.

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2015-12-06 22:40


a bug.doc (39,424 bytes)


2017-06-10 01:14

developer   ~0014726

Measured volume is limited to the region that intersects with the grayscale volume. If spacing of the grayscale volume is unchanged, then thickening of the labelmap will have no effect on the computed volume.

If segmentations are created using Segment Editor, volume can be computed using Segment Statistics module. This new module computes both total volume of the segments and volume of parts that overlap with the grayscale volume.

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