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Summary0004160: Links to module documentation pages are inconsistent

From: Steve Pieper <>
Date: March 2, 2016 at 6:52:28 PM EST
To: "Jakab, Marianna" <>
Cc: "Kikinis, Ron,M.D." <>, "Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin" <>
Subject: Re: Slicer modules help tabs
Hi Marianna -

That's a good point. These help links are maintained manually by the developers so it makes sense that they might get out of sync. Probably we could develop a script that systematically changed all the help links to a new form. Ideally that new form would be something that would embed the version number so that a user would automatically be directed to the help page that's appropriate for the build they are using.

Since we don't currently have a script someone could go through and make the updates by hand. At the very least I guess we should put this in the bug tracker and hopefully we can find someone who can work on it.


On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 5:40 PM, Jakab, Marianna <> wrote:

I sporadically checked a few Slicer modules Help tabs. Some of them linked to a Documentation/4.5/Modules/<module name> page that immediately redirect to a Documentation/4.0/Modules/<module name> page. And on the top of that page it directs the user
For the latest Slicer documentation, visit the 4.5 page.
Is this intentional or the help tabs need an update on the help links?

Examples of such modules:
• Cast Scalar Volume
• CreateaDICOMSeries
• Fiber BundleTo Label Map (the link in slicer has a typo)
• FiducialRegistration
• Island Removal (no help page at all)
• Mask Scalar Volume
• OrientImage
• Resample Scalar Volume

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