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0004172Slicer4Module OpenIGTLinkIFpublic2016-04-15 15:57
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Summary0004172: nanosecond to fraction conversion not consistent

conversion of nanosecond to fraction backwards and forwards produce not the same results.
assume we have a time of nanosecond: 287445234.
when the value is converted using igtl_nanosec_to_frac(), the Fraction is: 1234567903
And then we convert the fraction back to nanosecond using function igtl_frac_to_nanosec()
the return time is : 287445233. The difference is always with a few nanosecond

Steps To Reproduce

tm_forward = 999999990;
tm_return = igtl_nanosec_to_frac(tm_forward);
tm_nanoSecond = igtl_frac_to_nanosec(tm_return);
std::cerr<<" nanosecond: "<<tm_forward<<" return fraction: "<<tm_return<<" nanosecond: "<<tm_nanoSecond<<std::endl;

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