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0004205Slicer4Core: Scripting (Wrapping, Python)public2018-03-22 01:34
ReporterjcfrAssigned Tohastings.greer 
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Target VersionSlicer 4.11.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0004205: Scripting: Add first-class support for "factory" method

As described in [1], reference count associated with the object returned by method like "GetNodesByClass" or "CreateNodeByClass" has to be explicitly decremented when used from python.

The good news is that a Merge Request is currently being reviewed to allow these method to be marked as factory. Simply prepending these function declaration with VTK_NEWINSTANCE will teach the wrapped what to do.


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2016-10-12 03:19

administrator   ~0014161

While the feature is now available in VTK, I am re-targeting to keep track of the fact we need to mark Slicer factory methods.



2017-09-27 13:16

developer   ~0015186

It would need a lot of changes in modules and extensions, so work on this in Slicer5.

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