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0004208Slicer4Core: Testing Infrastructurepublic2016-06-13 12:17
ReporterSamuelWN Assigned Tojcfr  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04
Product VersionSlicer 4.5.0-1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004208: Volume name are not sterilized when renamed during import

When adding data to the scene, if one renames a file before importing, the value chosen is not properly sterilized.

Steps To Reproduce

-- "File -> Add Data"
-- "Choose File(s) to Add"
-- Select a file (I, personally have only tested this with NRRD)
-- "Show Options"
-- Enter a new name for the volume which includes a semicolon
(e.g. "Test Volume; Version 1")
-- Any text following the semicolon is not included in the name of the volume
(e.g. "Test

Additional Information

Subsequent imports will append numbering purely with respect to the pre-semicolon volume names, regardless of whether or not the volume is later changed (through the "Rename current Volume" option) to the intended value (e.g. "Test Volume; Version 1").
(i.e. "Test Volume; Version 2", would become "Test Volume_2")

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