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0004231Slicer4Core: Extensionspublic2018-05-29 14:22
Reporterfedorov Assigned Tojcfr  
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Target VersionSlicer 4.11.0Fixed in VersionSlicer 4.9.0 
Summary0004231: Extension icon in Extension manager is not the same as specified in s4ext file

From Andrey:

SlicerPathology s4ext file points to this as the extension icon:


However, extension manager in the latest nightly shows old icon. See attachment.

(note that the Revision correctly lists the latest version of SlicerPathology trunk that has the updated icon: SBU-BMI/SlicerPathology@ae5d1c4)

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related to 0002171 assignedmatthew-woehlke Integrate extension license information on the extension server 
related to 0002334 assignedmatthew-woehlke Differentiate different type of extenions in extension manager: Concept of channel 




2016-07-07 23:20




2016-10-12 14:39

developer   ~0014184

As was identified later, it appears that this is happening because Slicer extensions build system ignores the icon specified in the s4ext file, and instead uses the one from CMakeLists.txt.

It is not clear whether this is a bug, or intentional behavior.

Is is clear though that this situation is rather confusing to the developer...



2017-09-27 09:30

developer   ~0015142

Added note to documentation to clarify:

For Slicer5, a new extension description format should be created and the redundancy between CMakeLists.txt and s4ext file should be removed. See discussion at



2017-09-27 10:51

developer   ~0015160

I will confirm this tomorrow after I see the dashboard, but -- related to this issue -- it looks like build_subdirectory is ignored in CMakeLists.txt, and is taken from s4ext...



2017-09-28 11:30

developer   ~0015212

Confirmed - build_subdirectory is ignored in CMakeLists.txt. For the superbuild extensions, it must be populated in s4ext. Demonstrated on the example of PkModeling extension that we recently moved to superbuild.



2017-10-03 02:12

administrator   ~0015238

Indeed, the value of build_subdirectory from the description is only used by the extension build system to find out in which sub directory the "packageupload" target should be built from. See [1]




2018-05-29 14:20

administrator   ~0015768

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Closing . URL was improperly specified.

In the future, we will improve how metadata are specified to avoid similar issue.

For the record:

  • metadata, file to be compiled, resources, ... are all specified in the CMakeLists.txt
  • the extension description file is currently a by product of the configuration/build step

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