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0004249Slicer4Module Modelspublic2017-09-26 10:33
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Summary0004249: Color of slice intersections is not propagated to children model nodes

I have a Model hierarchy with some models in it. When I click on its checkbox on the Models module (whose tooltip is "Checked: Force color to children"), the color gets propagated to its children in the 3D view. However, the color of the slice intersections doesn't change.

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2016-09-07 11:26


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colors.png (146,589 bytes)


2017-05-30 12:44

developer   ~0014502

The checkbox in the Models module that applies color/opacity on the branch drives the vtkMRMLDisplayableHierarchyNode::Expanded flag, which is handled by the 3D displayable manager in vtkMRMLModelDisplayableManager::SetModelDisplayProperty, when getting the hierarchy display node (line 1488: vtkMRMLDisplayNode *hierarchyDisplayNode = this->GetHierarchyDisplayNode(model) ). This call is responsible for getting the right properties. The 2D displayable manager (vtkMRMLModelSliceDisplayableManager) does not use this, and this is what needs to be fixed.

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