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0004262Slicer4Core: Segmentationpublic2017-04-30 15:54
ReportercriskrossAssigned Tolassoan 
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Target VersionFixed in VersionSlicer 4.8.1 
Summary0004262: Segmentation export into labelmap after Segment color changed, remains the same color as used for painting

Exporting a segment for the second time into a labelmap after changing a segments color remains in displaying the same color as it was when created the first time.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Switch to module Segment Editor
  2. Create a segmentation by means of the paint effect tool (blue color)
  3. Switch to Segmentations module
  4. Create a new labelmap in section Copy/move segment
  5. Select Segment_0 and use button +> to copy the segment to the labelmap
  6. Change the color of the segment (for instance to green)
  7. Repeat step 5

You will notice, that the segment color itself changed in the editor and the way it is displayed, but when you hide the segmentation and display the labelmap, the label will still appear with the same color as was when created the first time

Additional Information

Even creating a new labelmap does not fix the issue

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2016-09-22 15:57

developer   ~0014122

Color management will completely change when switching to terminologies. The reason I did not fix this issue is that the time I spend fixing this can be spent developing terminologies, which will make the current color handling (and this bug) obsolete



2016-09-22 16:26

developer   ~0014124

Ok good to know. When will the new terminology (widget) be available?



2016-09-22 21:05

developer   ~0014125

Hopefully in a few weeks. I'll leave for vacation mid-October and I want to get this done before that.
It is my highest priority now, and I'm working on the terminologies after I cleaned up the segmentations a bit (getting rid of the legacy labelmap support that necessitated using a color table etc).



2017-04-30 15:53

developer   ~0014471

This is fixed in recent nightly versions.

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