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0004303Slicer4Module (Any modules)public2017-07-24 23:59
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PlatformMacOSEl CapitanOS Version10.11
Product VersionSlicer 4.6.0 
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Summary0004303: Saving data from 'data' module not keeping the saved file name

I had a feedback from my lab about saving data. They were saving data from the data module and renamed the file into a new one after a modification. But Slicer keeps in the scene a link with the old file and not the just saved one.
I know that's not a bug but it would be more user-friendly to keep the link to the just saved file. My opinion about that is if you are saving a file with a different name, you just did a new step in your pipeline, so let's restart from that new step.
They know that since a while, so they know they have to be cautious and load the just saved file to use it, so that's not a problem. It would make gain time in their opinion.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Load data (for example: file1.vtk)
  • Click on the data module
  • Change the file name (file2.vtk) and save it
  • Open the Transform module (for example)
  • In the list of data will be file1.vtk instead of file2.vtk
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duplicate of 0003890 acknowledgedpieper Renaming node in the scene changes the filename in the storage node 




2017-06-15 15:58

developer   ~0014886

Do you mean that it is a problem that in the Save data dialog the default file names are always generated from the corresponding node name?



2017-06-15 16:33

reporter   ~0014888

Some people just think that when they save a file from a node, the node name should become the same than the one they entered in the Save data dialog.

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