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0004373Slicer4Module DICOMpublic2018-05-29 23:28
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Summary0004373: Show more relevant information in DICOM browser

DICOM browser would need to show more information to make it easier for users to select what they want to load:


  • Patient name: it should be formatted properly (DICOM ^ and ^^ separators should be converted to spaces)
  • Latest import date/time: this would allow to find the data that has just been imported


  • Number of images: this would be very important
  • Image size (number of rows and columns)
  • There should be custom fields for each series type. For example for RTIMAGE we should display GantryAngle DICOM field.
  • Most current series fields are irrelevant (ContrastAgent, ScanningSequence, EchoNumber, TemporalPosition)
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2017-05-16 11:32

developer   ~0014485

See discussion at



2017-05-17 00:05

developer   ~0014486

We implemented this before
Unfortunately the DKFZ colleagues insisted to keep the rigid table structure. Maybe we can revisit. (Relevant commits by me on 2013 May 23)



2017-05-24 16:55

administrator   ~0014490

Yes, let's revisit this - Marco will be at the meeting in Italy and we can discuss then.

At the very worst we could include both the rigid and the flexible table structure as selectable modes. Or we can make a Slicer fork of CTK that has what we need and sort if out with him later.



2018-05-29 23:28

developer   ~0015785

Retargeting stale issues to backlog.

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