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0004381Slicer4Core: GUIpublic2020-01-22 12:30
Reporterlassoan Assigned Tojcfr  
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Product VersionSlicer 4.7.0 
Target VersionSlicer 5.1.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0004381: Center 3D view button and 'r' key make the view centered slightly differently

Currently pressing r and hitting the center view button do subtly different things. It would be better if the behavior would be exactly the same.

Pressing r (built-in VTK reset camera shortcut):

  • Re-centers view around all actors including axis
  • Re-centers by moving camera while keeping it pointing in original direction
  • zooms to distance where whole scene fits nicely in view
  • does not update axis to fit around scene

Pressing center view button:

  • Re-centers view around all actors except for axis
  • Re-centers by pointing camera in new direction but not changing its location
  • does not adjust zoom
  • updates axis to fit around scene

Current center view button behavior is close to what we need, the only thing that may be considered is to adjust the zoom, but it seems to work well enough without that. So, the fix may be as easy as remapping 'r' key to qMRMLThreeDView::resetFocalPoint().

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related to 0004209 closedjcfr center view button does not update clipping distance 




2017-09-27 12:21

developer   ~0015177

Implementation is not trivial, as currently vtkThreeDViewInteractorStyle does not have a reference to qMRMLThreeDView.



2019-11-04 20:20

developer   ~0016296

This remains a problem. It would be nice to remap the button to set zoom factor as well (or at least have an option - e.g., long-click or shift-click - to center&zoom).

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