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Summary0000044: scalar display for models

Hi guys,
Here is the feature request for what we discussed.

--- color by cell scalars (one component and RGB)
--- color by point scalars (one component and RGB)


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2007-03-19 10:25

developer   ~0000051

color polydata (Models) by cell/point component has been implemented by Nicole. We need to figure out how to deal with RGB components.



2007-03-29 08:40

administrator   ~0000084

New code is in the MRML library to support cell and point scalars.
Can you give me an example of an RGB scalar overlay that's not working with the current code base?
(more work on FreeSurfer scalar overlays may lead me to fix RGBA overlay display for multiple scalar fields, not sure on the time line though)



2007-04-19 07:00

administrator   ~0000092

vktMRMLModelNode::CompositeScalars now available, works on point scalars right now.



2007-11-20 10:25

administrator   ~0000166

Should be tested for cell scalars, but has been implemented.



2007-11-23 08:57

administrator   ~0000175

Have a test case for cell scalars, updated the viewer widget.
Now can select scalars from the drop down menu in the Models module display widget and have the display switch between colouring by point scalars and cell scalars.

2007-11-23 08:58 (604,945 bytes)


2007-12-04 10:42

administrator   ~0000195

Last edited: 2007-12-04 10:46

Implementing the cell and point scalars introduced a problem with scalars on the tractography module's fibre bundle nodes. A work around was checked into the code for the vtkSlicerViewerWidget (if node is a fibre bundle, don't do anything), working to try and find what setting is the culprit.
To test future fixes:
Load Tractography button
browse to Slicer3\Modules\Tractography\Testing\TestData\tract_00006_Tensors.vtk
Make sure the display pane has visibility set for lines and glyphs, set glyph type to ellipsoid, colour by FA with the rainbow colour node - should see very colourful tracts.

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