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0004404Slicer4Core: MRMLpublic2017-08-05 08:33
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Summary0004404: new vtkStringArray get/set methods crash Slicer


Slicer crashes when a vtkStringArray is queried for a value that is out of bounds. I feel like this should just throw an error instead of crashing all of Slicer...

Steps To Reproduce

Run the following code in a new instance of Slicer.

import vtk
s = vtk.vtkStringArray()


import vtk
s = vtk.vtkStringArray()
s.SetValue(0, "test")

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2017-08-03 16:21

developer   ~0015008

Updated documentation to clarify that this is the expected behavior for wrapped C++ objects:



2017-08-05 08:32

developer   ~0015025

I've also reported this to VTK developer list:

It seems there is a chance that VTK wrappers will be made smarter and safer in the future.

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