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0004408Slicer4Module Modelspublic2018-03-20 12:40
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Product VersionSlicer 4.7.0 
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Summary0004408: Save coordinate system in surface mesh file

Slicer saves mesh in RAS coordinate system, while most other software use LPS.
Save coordinate system in the header of the mesh file so that Slicer can transform the coordinates as needed.
After the coordinate systems are saved we would still interpret mesh files without coordinate system information as being in RAS, but in 1-2 years - when most Slicer-saved files have the coordinate system information embedded in the file - we can change the behavior to assume LPS if coordinate system information is missing.

It would be also good to add a file IO option so that the user could choose orientation (auto, RAS, LPS).

Currently supported file formats: (.vtk .vtp .vtu .g .byu .stl .ply .orig"
" .inflated .sphere .white .smoothwm .pial .obj)

See details in this discussion:

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related to 0004445 confirmedlassoan Model files should be saved in LPS coordinate system 




2017-09-26 10:20

administrator   ~0015127

Hi Andras,

Is it something you plan on fixing for the release ?




2017-09-26 17:14

developer   ~0015140

In 4.7 I only plan to add saving of the coordinate space name (hardcoded to RAS).

In the next major release we can change Slicer to save in LPS by default. In a few years we can change Slicer to read as LPS by default (if no coordinate space is specified in the file) - by then there should not be too many legacy files around.



2017-09-27 09:16

developer   ~0015141

Partial fix is implemented in



2017-09-27 19:00

developer   ~0015210

Discussion on github:


Steps 1 and 2 make a lot of sense and there's no reason not to do that.
Steps 3 and 4 sound risky to me, but if there's no better alternative that can be the default plan.
What I'd much rather see that if we are changing the default storage of models we pick a completely different format to avoid ambiguities. DICOM surface segmentations could be a good choice but we could see if there are others that would make more sense. We could maintain VTK export, with the SPACE declaration, as a backwards compatibility mode along with STL and OBJ.


Yes, step 3 and 4 may cause troubles so probably a few year transition time is preferable.
I agree that it would be nice to go towards using DICOM as a primary format for saving data, and in general save everything into DICOM. Currently, saving is mixed with exporting, so it is all somewhat complicated and error-prone, but hopefully we can separate them a bit better in the coming years.



2017-09-27 19:05

developer   ~0015211

Merged in r26398. Future steps will be discussed in



2018-02-21 11:15

developer   ~0015516

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  • I'd like to do step 2 in vtk.js STL Parser to be able to read files saved from Slicer with SPACE=RAS and properly orient them in LPS space. Could you provide some tips on how to read that field from a binary STL file?
  • Any timetable for when step 2 will be implemented in Slicer? I tried replacing RAS by LPS in a saved file and load it in Slicer, and it still loads it as RAS.


2018-02-21 11:27

developer   ~0015517

It looks like current VTK STL reader cannot read the comment field. It should be easy to add, as if the files starts with "solid" then it is an ASCII file and you just need to read till the end of the line to get the comment field. If it does not start with "solid" then you read the 80-character header that contains the comment. See details here:

Any timetable for when step 2 will be implemented in Slicer? I tried replacing RAS by LPS in a saved file and load it in Slicer, and it still loads it as RAS.

After the STL reader is capable of reading the comment field, it can be done very quickly. If you take care of the vtkSTLReader then I can implement Slicer part (ability to read/write as LPS/RAS).



2018-03-20 12:40

developer   ~0015577

Alexis, I've implemented the necessary changes in VTK:

I would appreciate if you could help facilitating review and integration of the changes.

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