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0004408Slicer4Module Modelspublic2017-08-04 09:18
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Product VersionSlicer 4.7.0 
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Summary0004408: Save coordinate system in surface mesh file

Slicer saves mesh in RAS coordinate system, while most other software use LPS.
Save coordinate system in the header of the mesh file so that Slicer can transform the coordinates as needed.
After the coordinate systems are saved we would still interpret mesh files without coordinate system information as being in RAS, but in 1-2 years - when most Slicer-saved files have the coordinate system information embedded in the file - we can change the behavior to assume LPS if coordinate system information is missing.

It would be also good to add a file IO option so that the user could choose orientation (auto, RAS, LPS).

Currently supported file formats: (.vtk .vtp .vtu .g .byu .stl .ply .orig"
" .inflated .sphere .white .smoothwm .pial .obj)

See details in this discussion:

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