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Summary0004414: Problem with copying markup fiducial list (unexpected behavior on 2D views)

I would like to load a markup fiducial list from file, then copy it's content to another fiducial list (which have been already created in the scene) then delete the node for the list that I have loaded.
Copying the node works, but when I delete the loaded fiducial list (source) the target fiducial list shows unexpected behavior in 2D views. ( e.g the fiducial points will be visible in all 2d red slices or not at all. It looks like that somehow the visualization is detached from the list).

The functionality is needed in DeepInfer module (

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a fiducial list with some markups and save it to a file called F2.fcsv
  2. Close the previous scene and on an empty mrml scene create an empty fiducial list and keep the default name F.

Our goal is to load F2 from the file, copy its contents to F and then delete F2.

  1. on Python interactor paste the following code (todo: change the F2 path to the correct path):
scene = slicer.mrmlScene
_,node2 = slicer.util.loadMarkupsFiducialList('/path/to/list/F2.fcsv',True)
node1 = getNode('F')
  1. To scroll through 2d slices, open MRHead from Sample Data and see the behavior of markups on Red view. The points will be visible on all slices on Red view when you scroll the brain.
    Sometimes the points are not visible on the Red view at all.
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2018-05-30 01:00

developer   ~0015820

Retarget stale issues to backlog.



2018-12-12 15:04

developer   ~0016221

"Copy" method copies all node references (for example, display node), and does not duplicate these nodes. Either adjust node references after copy or copy markups one-by-one (can be implemented in few lines of Python script).

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