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0004428Slicer4Module SubjectHierarchypublic2017-09-12 09:47
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Summary0004428: qMRMLSubjectHierarchyComboBox is not populated if instantiated before the images are loaded

I have a scripted widget which contains qMRMLSubjectHierarchyComboBox controls for selecting volumes. If this widget is accessed before before any data is loaded, the combo boxes are not populated, even when data is subsequently loaded.

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Reproducible in this example (patient selection combo boxes):

and this one:

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2017-09-07 10:43

developer   ~0015091

Thanks, I'll look into this. There are further issues with the combobox, it certainly needs attention.



2017-09-08 11:32

developer   ~0015092

I had to play around quite a while to find out when the problem you reported actually happens. It turns out that you need to have a filter in place to reproduce the issue.

Please in the future make sure you describe your problem in more detail, to avoid the developer having to spend extra time to find out what you already know, but chose not to share (the one about the filter), or not specifically enough (such as "access" and "data" in your description). Thanks!



2017-09-08 11:53

developer   ~0015093

Sorry about not being specific enough about accessing the widget. I didn't know I needed to be more specific than "before any data is loaded". In my testing, most qMRMLSubjectHierarchyComboBoxes had filters set, so I didn't notice it is a requirement for the bug to surface.

But you could have also asked for more information about reproducing, you didn't have to spend to much time re-creating it.



2017-09-08 15:52

developer   ~0015094

Hi Dzenan, I believe I fixed the issue. This was a tough one!

Please see if it works tomorrow. If so, please close the ticket.



2017-09-12 09:47

developer   ~0015096

That seems to have fixed it. Thanks Csaba!

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