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0004429Slicer4Core: Segmentationpublic2017-10-08 11:51
ReportermoselhyAssigned Topinter 
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Summary0004429: Slicer Crashes When Opening Python Interactor Nightly Sep 08 2017

Slicer crashes when I open python interactor after testing the SegmentEditor module

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open 3DSlicer
  2. Download MRBrainTumor1 from SampleData module
  3. Open SegmentEditor
  4. Click "Reload and Test"
  5. Press Ctrl + 3 or press the Python Interactor button in the main toolbar
  6. Wait 3 seconds and you should see Slicer crash
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2017-10-06 11:28

developer   ~0015270

Sorry for the delay. I tried to reproduce the crash but couldn't. There is no error in the log either. One thought is that showing the python interactor is very unlikely to cause a crash in any time, because the interactor is always present, and showing it is only a UI operation.



2017-10-08 11:34

reporter   ~0015276

I think it is fixed now, thank you!



2017-10-08 11:51

developer   ~0015277

Unable to reproduce any more, closing the issue.

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