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0004456Slicer4Core: GUIpublic2017-11-30 17:19
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Product VersionSlicer 4.7.0 
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Summary0004456: Qt5: QComboBox becomes empty after selection changed

If a "regular" combobox (i.e. QComboBox, for example any combobox in Application Settings or the W/L combobox in Volumes) is clicked and its current value is changed, then the text shown in the combobox disappears. It re-appears on the next mouse click anywhere or any key press.

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Windows 10, Qt 5.9.1, latest trunk at the time of adding the issue.

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2017-11-07 22:43

developer   ~0015386

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Cannot reproduce on MacOS Sierra, and Qt 5.9.1 using master on 11/06/2017.



2017-11-08 10:32

developer   ~0015387

Thanks! This may be Windows-specific then.



2017-11-17 07:58

developer   ~0015409

I reproduce as well on Ubuntu 17.10 Qt 5.9.1



2017-11-17 08:26

developer   ~0015410

@hina-shah: Can you please try again? Make sure you don't use a MRML combobox, but a regular one. Like the ones I mention above, or the module selector combobox. Thanks!



2017-11-30 17:04

developer   ~0015452

Sorry for taking long to respond. I tried again with yesterday's master, Qt 5.9.1 . Loaded a Volume, went to the Volumes module, W/L combo box, and then switched between Auto W/L, Manual W/L and Manual Min/Max. The text in the combo box remains intact. Also tried the same with Application Settings: for example changing the orientatin marker in Views from None, to axes, and to humans. The text remains as it should be.

However, after I loaded a volume, a LOT of the menu items grayed out for some reason. (Application Settings included).



2017-11-30 17:19

developer   ~0015453

Thanks! Can you include a screenshot? I'm not sure what grayed out exactly means in this case.

I saw the qComboBox issue on the latest master today, so it's definitely a problem on Windows.

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